Terms & Conditions for Membership
Terms and Conditions
GetActiveABC Membership
Terms and Conditions

May 2020
Dear Member
Thank you for becoming a GETACTIVE ABC member of the Leisure Centre facilities within Armagh City Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council. The information below is designed to clarify all the guidelines and rules around using and paying for these facilities, within your membership.
The GETACTIVE ABC Membership scheme is designed and introduced to provide the same membership packages across all of the main leisure centres in the Armagh City Banbridge & Craigavon Borough.
The GETACTIVE ABC Membership scheme is designed to give customers as many memberships benefits as possible, at the best value possible and of course to provide customers with maximum opportunity to establish a healthy and fit lifestyle.
A GETACTIVE ABC "member" is defined as a customer who pays for use of listed facilities in advance via a monthly direct debit arrangement or via a one advance single payment, after the scheme launch in April 2020.

Section 2: SCOPE
- The main payment, access and terms of use for individual and family/group members who have purchased a GETACTIVE ABC membership package via a monthly direct debit or via a single payment at the centres listed below. The purpose of these terms and conditions is to provide maximum clarity for GETACTIVE ABC members about how the membership scheme works at the commencement of your membership term.
The leisure centre facilities which are relevant to this document and applicable under a GETACTIVE ABC membership package are listed below. These centres are defined as either Tier 1 or Tier 2 centres
Tier 1 Centres Tier 2 Centres

South Lake Leisure Centre ( Cascades Leisure Complex, Craigavon Leisure Centre and Waves Leisure Complex)
Gilford Community Centre
(including the indoor Climbing Wall)

Banbridge Leisure Centre
Tandragee Recreation Centre

Orchard Leisure Centre
Rathfriland Community Centre

Dromore Community Centre
Richhill Recreation Centre

Keady Recreation Centre

Definition of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Centres
Tier 1: Centres are defined as Centres, which have at least two from the following three criteria:
1. A swimming pool
2. A gym
3. Deliver more than 16 exercise classes per week
Tier 2: Centres are defined as centres, which have only one of the above on site.
Important - Local terms and conditions of use/access/availability of each centre may vary and will apply during any members visit to each centre.
There are two tiers of GETACTIVE ABC membership packages proposed (and listed below) in order to provide the members with appropriate choice.

Tier 1 Package

The conditions of these packages are that members can use the relevant facilities at ALL OF THE 9 (11) LISTED COUNCILS INDOOR LEISURE CENTRES - that is all Tier 1 and Tier 2 centres listed in Section 2 above.

Tier 2 Packages

The conditions of these packages are that members can use the relevant facilities at ALL OF THE 5 Tier 2 LISTED COUNCILS INDOOR LEISURE CENTRES - listed in Section 2 above.

Section 3:
All New GETACTIVE ABC Members can start to use the centre(s) under the terms of their membership from day one.
For those who pay using the 12-month single payment method, membership starts on the day on which payment is made.
For those who wish to use the monthly direct debit method, members can pay an initial (pro rata) cash or card payment to cover the period from day one until the next direct debit payment from the member`s bank or building society (direct debits payments are collected at different dates at each centre - you can discuss details of this with staff at your chosen centre).
Even though this membership will entitle members to use of all indoor centres, the administration and payment arrangements of the membership will be conducted at ONE centre only.
All new monthly direct debit arrangements will be set up on a "payment in advance" basis. Dates when direct debit payments are taken from accounts will vary from centre to centre, depending from which centre the membership is administered. Dates when payments are taken from bank accounts can also vary slightly from month to month at an individual centre. Staff will assist in advising you how to set up the direct debit and how to avail of the benefits of this membership from "day one". Each centre will inform you of the approx. dates on which payments will be taken from your account each month.
It is a condition of GETACTIVE ABC memberships that each member provides the centre the complete, accurate and updated contact details and bank account details where appropriate - the centre will treat all such information correctly in accordance with Data Protection Regulations. It is a condition of membership approval that validity of bank accounts will be checked in confidence at the application stage.
It is a condition of GETACTIVE ABC memberships that the Centre staff, where the membership is administered will take a photograph of the member for use within the centre`s computer system; it is a condition of membership that the GETACTIVE ABC membership card/fob is strictly non- transferable.
Members must carry their Membership Card when visiting any centre - the member is required to have their photo taken for identification and this will be stored on our system
It must only be used by the member his/ herself and by no other person. Where the member, then membership have abused Council, staff may cancel non-transferability.
There may be a small charge for membership cards to replace lost or stolen membership cards
Section 4
In order to qualify for a Concession Membership a person must demonstrate that they belong to one of the following categories;
Concessionary Group Entitlement Criteria
( which may be requested) Revalidation criteria

Adults of 60 years of age and over Documentary proof of
identification and age None
Children of 17 years and under Documentary proof of
identification and age None, concession status will lapse on 18th Birthday
Students Documentary proof of
student status Upon end date of student card

Disabled People Receipt of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or holder of a `Blue Badge` Revalidation upon expiry date provided on proof
Those in receipt of benefits Those in receipt of benefits; documentary proof required
(proof to be produced every 2 months) Revalidation upon expiry date provided on proof

Any requirements to provide repeated evidence of concessionary status for on-going direct debit memberships are displayed on notice boards in participating centres. These documents will be stored for the duration of your membership and you may be requested to represent proof once this has expired. The handling of this data is governed by Councils GDPR policy
For one single payment memberships (12 months) documentary proof requested will need to be valid on the day of purchase, but if this concessionary status lapses within the 12 months of the membership, Council will honour the concessionary purchase price for the remaining term of the membership.
In the case of family memberships - the person responsible for the payment of the subscription (head member) must be eligible for concession status
Where an individual with a disability is accompanied by a career - free use will be granted to the carer where the caring responsibility does not allow the carer to enjoy the activity himself or herself (e.g. caring for an individual with a severe disability). Where caring responsibilities allow the carer to also participate in and enjoy the activities the carer will pay the appropriate concession rate.
All ABC ACTIVE "All Inclusive Family" Packages will allow for a maximum of 2 Adults (persons of 18 years of age and older) and a maximum of 3 children (persons of 17 years of age and under) OR a maximum of 1 Adult (persons of 18 years of age and older) and a maximum of 4 children (persons of 17 years of age and under). It is a requirement that both adults reside at the same address, proof of this will be required. Valid proof of addresses are:
" Driving licence
" Utility bill
" Bank statement
In the cases where documentation does not include a picture, a valid photo identification will also need to be shown
It will be a requirement for each person listed under a family/group membership to provide a valid address and photographic I.D. and proof of age.
The price of the family package remains the same where there are less than 2 adults and less than 3 children within the membership group. Each Family member, of 8 years and over, will be allocated his/her own membership identification card or fob.
Children under 8 years of age will not be issued with family membership identification because they are unable to attend a centre un-accompanied by a responsible adult.
When a child who is included in a family/group package reaches 18 years of age, their membership under this package will cease to be valid from the due date of the second direct debit collection after their 18th birthday. In the case of a 12-month single payment family/group package, the memberships of all children who reach 18 years of age within the 12-month timescale of the package will remain valid until the expiry date of the package.
Changing people within the family or group membership
Changing people associated within a family or group membership is permitted if the new members still reside at the same address. There is an administration charge associated with this in the case of Single payment members
For GETACTIVE ABC Members who pay by direct debit, it is not necessary to commit to a contract or a minimum membership term. Direct Debit Members can cancel (see below) or freeze (see below) at any time after, but only after, the first direct debit payment has been automatically collected from the member`s bank/building society account. One single payment memberships will run for one year and cannot be cancelled/refunded.
This scheme applies to GETACTIVE ABC direct debit members. Under this scheme direct debit members are permitted to freeze their membership for a period of two months (maximum) in each rolling 12-month period, and these months do not need to be consecutive months - the charge for each month where the membership is frozen will be £0.00 - therefore the direct debit payment for each frozen month will be £0.00. Members must "freeze" for a complete month and cannot "freeze" for part of a month. The member cannot use the centres during the month, which is frozen, except where they pay the appropriate "pay as you go" charge for each activity at reception.
GETACTIVE ABC Members can execute the freeze procedure by any of the following options:
a. Sending a brief email (or letter allowing enough notice) to the centre where their membership is administered, which includes the members name and membership number
b. Completing a "Freeze Membership Form" - available at the centre where their membership is administered
Medical freezes
Both Direct Debit and Annual Members can freeze their memberships for medical reasons by providing a medical certificate to their local centre.
If a GETACTIVE ABC Member wishes to cancel a direct debit Membership, they can do so by using any of the following options to contact the centre where they registered their membership application;
a. Send a brief email (or letter via post) to the centre where their membership is administered and the cancelling member should include their name, address and date of birth (and membership identification number if known) within this email. You will then receive confirmation in writing via return e-mail that your cancellation has been processed
b. Complete a Direct Debit Cancellation Form and hand this to a receptionist - forms are available at the Centre Receptions. You will receive a cancellation slip as proof of submission you must retain this as proof of cancellation
We are unable to process cancellations via telephone
We require at least 1 weeks` notice of cancellation before your next payment date.
In all cases the direct debit memberships will be cancelled on the day when the next monthly direct debit payment is due and the member(s) will be entitled to use the centre(s) under the condition of their membership until the day of cancellation - thereafter the ex-member(s) must either:
A. refrain from using any centre or
B. pay for use using the "pay as you go" prices from the following day to continue to use the centre
Unfortunately, centres cannot accept a membership cancellation made via a phone call.
As part of the systems debt management process, if you do not cancel your membership with a centre and choose to cancel your direct debit directly with your bank a charge will be raised against your account. To avoid this please ensure you follow the correct cancellation procedure.
The Head Member can only cancel family Memberships paid by direct debit.

For individuals or families who were GETACTIVE ABC Members at any time previously, such individuals may "re-join"
i.e. become members again, at any time, providing there is no historical debt owed to Council.
As part of the systems debt management process, if you do not cancel your membership with a centre and choose to cancel your direct debit directly with your bank a charge will be raised against your account. To avoid this please ensure you follow the correct cancellation procedure.
The centre reserves the right to terminate an GETACTIVE ABC membership with immediate effect where rules have been broken by the member or where conduct of the member is unreasonable, or where there is a repeated failure of completing payments. In particular, memberships will be declared invalid with immediate effect when it is discovered that any person included in a membership has declared false information by that person or another person (e.g. date or birth, address, bank account details).
When a centre terminates a membership because of a breach of rules, then persons involved in this membership may not be permitted to purchase another membership product in future. When a centre terminates a membership because of a breach of rules, then persons involved in this membership may not be permitted to use any of Councils Leisure Centres in future
All new GETACTIVE ABC members will be given a GETACTIVE ABC Membership Card on becoming a member. Members will be expected to carry their membership card with them at all times, will be expected to show his/her receipt and Membership Card to any member of any centre staff if requested to do so - thus demonstrating that payment for the activity is properly covered under the Membership Package.
Indoor Racket Sports - When GETACTIVE ABC "All Inclusive" Members are playing indoor racket sports (squash, badminton, table tennis) with a person or persons who are not All Inclusive Members, then the non-All Inclusive Member(s) will be expected to pay a charge (in advance at reception) which will be equivalent to approximately 50% of the normal and relevant charge per court. This charge will cover from one to three Non-All Inclusive Members on each occasion. All Members must report to reception before commencing any racket sport activity on each occasion.
Note: The term "Indoor Racket Sports" does not include outdoor tennis courts.

GETACTIVE ABC Members will be able to book classes, badminton courts, squash courts and table tennis before the time of the activity (where these activities are available)
Please note: the person involved can only make Bookings
A. Booking online
B. Making a phone call to appropriate Centre Reception stating the members name and membership number, or
Booking in person at the centre reception.
" Members can book 8 days in advance for classes and courts
" PAYG users can book courts or pitches 7 days in advance or classes 2 days in advance
GETACTIVE ABC Members are very welcome to arrive at the appropriate centre at any time ("drop in") with no prior notice to avail of a "bookable" activity such as exercise classes, squash, badminton or table tennis - however members must accept that there is a risk of disappointment if their desired activity is either full or being used by other members or non-members. Similarly, availability of the pool and/or sauna and/or steam room and/ or gym is subject to number of people using the facility at that time, albeit that occasions when the pool/sauna/steam room/gym have reached their maximum numbers are infrequent.


If a GETACTIVE ABC member is not able to attend a booked exercise class or a booked badminton/squash/table tennis session, the appropriate centre will expect to be contacted about this with reasonable notice (in order to allow others to take up the available place/space) - however members can be assured that there will be no cancellation charge or "non-attendance" charge applied for non-attendance whether or not notice is given by members.
However, if a member repeatedly does not attend a booked activity or abuses the booking privileges in any way e.g. exercise classes or badminton/squash/table tennis session without informing the centre in good time then booking privileges may be withdrawn from that member. In extreme cases, after Centre Staff give warnings, the Centre may cancel the Membership.
The Booking strike policy is any member who does not attend 3 booked activities in a rolling 30 day period will:
" In the first instance receive a 7-day booking ban
" In the second instance receive a 14-day booking ban
" Finally have their online booking privileges suspended for 1 month


All activities for GETACTIVE ABC Members are subject to availability but also, because the age, design and layout of each centre is different, it is a condition of GETACTIVE ABC
Memberships that all local terms of use apply at each centre e.g. supervision of children in pools, changing room protocols, lockers and car parking, in addition to your terms and conditions of membership outlined in this document. Please note that age limits for use of gyms and age related conditions of use of gyms may vary from centre to centre and form part of the local terms of use at each centre - these age limits and restrictions of gym use are available at each centre.

New GETACTIVE ABC Members will not be charged any fees, which are additional to fees, which are advertised - e.g. there will be no charges for Gym inductions, and there will be no administration charges at first registration.
Centres may be closed or may operate on a reduced hour`s basis on certain days e.g. public holidays such as Christmas Day, Boxing Day etc. and government events such as elections. Such closures and reduced hours operations will always be planned and published well in advance. It is deemed that all Members agree and accept, in advance, that such closures and reduced hours operations are an integral part of the package purchased.
In exceptional circumstances some facilities or activities may not be available from time to time e.g. major equipment failure. We will endeavour to have the problem rectified as soon as possible to ensure normal service is resumed. It is deemed that all Members agree and accept, in advance, that such circumstances can occur and are an integral part of the package purchased.